What’s Your Presentation Persona: My New Book and Bonuses

Scott Schwertly
4 min readJan 19, 2017


This announcement has been over a decade in the making. In fact, it has been almost 10 years and 3 months to be exact. With gratitude and a very full heart, I’m coming to you, Ethos3 fans and supporters, many of you who I have known since I started the company over a decade ago — to officially announce my book, What’s Your Presentation Persona?

When I first entered the presentation space back in 2006, I wanted to make a radical impact for presenters everywhere. I didn’t just want to tell someone how to fight public speaking fear or address how many times they should rehearse for a presentation. I wanted to do more.

I wanted to truly empower them with not only tips, but with something that would make an unbelievable impact on their career and life. Presentation tips are great to help you survive tomorrow morning’s pitch. However, I wanted to create and be part of something that would do more — change someone’s life.

And, that brings me to a personal project that I have been working on for over a year. It’s called Badge — a proprietary assessment that will reveal your presentation persona. You can think of it as the Myers-Briggs for presenters where anyone can discover within minutes which 1 of 16 profiles fits them best. This passion project has led to the creation of this book.

The book is What’s Your Presentation Persona? As all of you know, I care about presenters everywhere. It’s a passion deeply embedded and part of the Ethos3 mantra of “Empowering Presenters.” It’s why my team and I get up every single morning. We want to help presenters succeed and be great on stage.

But, greatness begins with self-awareness. You can never succeed in life or business without knowing what you offer to this world or in the case of presentations — your audience. It is essential to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to know where you will thrive and where you will struggle, and you need to know which audiences will adore you and those who will challenge you.

Enter What’s Your Presentation Persona?

Read the book. Take the Badge assessment. Discover your presentation persona. And, get your life changed from a new found piece of self-awareness.

Once you know thyself, you’ll know how to capitalize on your presentation strengths and mitigate your public speaking weaknesses. It’s that simple.

I want this book to reach presenters all over the world and make a positive impact. I also want it to be a bestseller and I’m asking for your help to accomplish that goal. To make it worth your while, here’s the offer:

If you pre-order 1 copy of the book before February 10, 2017, you’ll receive:

- A Checklist to Define Your Presentation Audience (PDF)
- A Step-by-Step Template for Presentation Story Development (PDF)
- 5 Presentation Secrets from Me (video)

Click here to pre-order 1 copy, then email your receipt to scott@ethos3.com with “WYPP Pre-order 1” in the subject.

If you pre-order 5 copies before February 10, 2017 you’ll receive:

All of the above PLUS:

- An additional autographed copy of What’s Your Presentation Persona? that you can keep for yourself or give to a friend or colleague
- A promo code to get a 15% discount to BadgeGrads (a Badge training program) when it releases later this year

Click here to pre-order 5 copies, then email your receipt, mailing address, and your reading interests to scott@ethos3.com with “WYPP Pre-order #2” in the subject.

If you pre-order 15 copies of the book (to give to friends, family, colleagues) before February 10, 2017 (Limited to the first 25), you’ll receive:

All of the above PLUS:

A private 30 minute “Presentation Breakthrough” one-on-one call with me. In this call, we can talk about whatever you’d like in relation to presentations: content, design, storytelling, and delivery. It will be an open conversation.

Click here to pre-order 15 copies, then email your receipt, mailing address, and your reading interests to scott@ethos3.com with “WYPP Pre-order #3” in the subject.

Thanks again for all your support. You can buy the book anywhere, including through the following links:

Barnes & Noble
800 CEO Read

Author Bio

Scott Schwertly is the Founder and CEO of Ethos3 and the creator of Badge, a proprietary presentation assessment tool which helps presenters discover and maximize their presentation style. He is also the author of two books, What’s Your Presentation Persona? (McGraw-Hill, 2017) and How to be a Presentation God (Wiley, 2011). If Scott is not working with his team building presentations or co-hosting his Presentation Scientists podcast, you will find him in the pool, on the bike, or on a long run since he is a 2x Ironman, 7x marathoner, and competitive triathlete.



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